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Welcome to the blog of Dr. Chen at True Image Orthodontics, your local Cypress, TX orthodontic practice! We are excited to use this space to share office updates, events, and great articles about the exciting world of orthodontics! Dr. Chen is always accepting new patients at his Cypress, TX orthodontics office and we look forward to seeing you soon!
By Dr. David Chen on 8/22/2016 1:12 PM
In the world of orthodontics, there are many misconceptions. We want to calm your fears and clear up some things you may have heard. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call the True Image office!


Misconception #1: My orthodontist is just like my family dentist.

The Truth: While it is true that the goal of both orthodontists and dentists is to help patients achieve lifelong oral health, we go about these goals in completely different ways.

An orthodontist will help patients achieve oral health by addressing the alignment of your teeth. By correcting these issues, we are able to help patients with a variety of oral health issues including; crowded teeth, bite problems and even speech impediments.

A dentist works with patients to prevent and treat a variety of oral hygiene and health issues including; teeth cleaning, gum disease, tooth decay and other common oral health problems.

If you are receiving orthodontic care, you must continue to visit your dentist...
By Dr. David Chen on 8/8/2016 5:42 PM
During the summer months, you might be tempted to snack on popsicles, ice cream, and candy. While these sweet treats may taste delicious, you need to be careful. While natural fruit popsicles are fine, lots of added sugar can be bad for your teeth. Tooth decay and cavities can happen while you have braces, but they can be much more difficult to take care of. Don’t get yourself into dental trouble, just avoid eating too much sugar! Here’s what sugar can do to your teeth.


Your mouth contains naturally occurring bacteria, called streptococcus. That bacteria loves to feed on sugar, and once it does, it breaks it down into acids that eat away at tooth enamel. The visible parts of teeth are usually pretty safe from these acids, because they’re washed away when you drink water or brush your teeth. You can run into problems, though, when sweets get lodged in the crevices of your teeth or between your braces, where bacteria have more time to feed on them.


For this reason, soft candies...
By Dr. David Chen on 7/18/2016 6:39 PM
We hope you are enjoying this summer! As you swim, play, and travel through these warm months, a few questions may have come up for you. Here are some tips to handle summer vacation with braces!


Scheduling Appointments

Uh oh! You’re looking at the calendar and realize you’ve schedule a family trip during someone’s orthodontics appointment. No problem – give us a call to reschedule. We are happy to work with your schedule and make sure you can find the time to come in and meet with Dr. Chen.


If you will be gone for an extended period (more than six weeks), we recommend you visit TrueImage Orthodontics prior to leaving and schedule another visit shortly after your return.


Orthodontics Emergencies

If you’re on vacation and have an orthodontics emergency – either a popped wire, a broken bracket, or another issue, call our office ASAP.  We can offer a short-term solution. Depending on the severity of the incident, we may advise you to meet with an orthodontist...
By Dr. David Chen on 7/5/2016 1:32 PM

Flossing is extremely important to do regularly while you have braces

By Dr. David Chen on 6/20/2016 10:49 AM

Adult patients seek orthodontia care for one of two reasons – they never had braces as a child, or they did, but stopped wearing their retainers. No matter which applies to you, our office would be happy to speak with you about adult orthodontia.

By Dr. David Chen on 6/6/2016 6:53 PM

Chances are you will need to make some dietary modifications to prevent damage to your braces and prolong orthodontic treatment. Here are some tips!

By Dr. David Chen on 5/30/2016 9:52 AM

One of the best things about having braces is getting to choose your rubber band colors! There are so many colors to choose from, it might feel overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you make your decision!

By Dr. David Chen on 5/23/2016 4:08 PM

If your orthodontist told you they need to add rubber bands, you may be confused. There are two main types of orthodontic elastics: ligatures and inter-arch elastics (rubber bands). 

By Dr. David Chen on 12/18/2015 8:01 AM
            True Image Orthodontics is ecstatic to be part of the Cypress, TX community and is dedicated to providing the community with the best quality orthodontic care in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

            We all know the best way to handle a problem is by finding the solution as early as possible. Whether it’s a home repair or car trouble, any issue is best solved early. The same goes with our health, and especially our mouth health. It is best to start seeing an orthodontist at the age of seven. That does not always happen. If not, it may be possible that we are ignoring spacing and alignment problems in our mouth. However, it is never too late to have those problems corrected. Adult braces are becoming even more popular than ever. They are not embarrassing or unsightly like they may have seemed two decades ago. Instead, traditional braces are a lot more sleek and comfortable, and there are even other options like Invisalign. Having adult braces is not a bad thing anymore. You will...
By Dr. David Chen on 12/11/2015 8:43 AM
            True Image Orthodontics is proud to be part of the Cypress, TX community. We find great pride in not only fixing people’s teeth, gums, and jaws, but we love the way people feel when they see their new, beautiful smile for the first time after treatment.

            Some people see traditional braces to be unsightly, awkward chunks of metal on their teeth. For those people, there’s Invisalign. One of the benefits of Invisalign is the appearance. Clear braces look better in the eyes of some people. Also, metal braces might get food caught in them. Invisalign make the person look like they don’t even have braces. Clear braces can be removed when necessary. If the wearer decides to remove them for some reason for brief periods of time, it’s easy to do so. Invisalign can also reduce damage to teeth and gums. They don’t have the sharp edges or protruding edges or bits like traditional metal braces. Also, Invisalign can reduce the treatment time for orthodontic care. They simply straighten teeth faster...
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