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Caring For Braces While on Vacation

May 25

Written by: Dr. David Chen
5/25/2018 12:02 PM  RssIcon

School is almost out! Are you going on any fun summer vacations? In all the fun of swimming, camping, exploring and sight-seeing, you might discover an issue with your braces. Crunching down on unfamiliar food, getting hit in the mouth while playing sports, or just losing a wire while out of town can be very scary as an orthodontia patient!

Luckily, there are always ways to care for your braces and your mouth when you are out of town or on an adventure.

First, be prepared. Always bring extra wax when you travel or to put in your beach bag. Remember to bring flossers as well. If you play a lot of sports, you might want to consider getting a mouthguard to keep your braces and mouth.

You also can't forget your oral hygeine while traveling! It can get easy to skip brushing after a long day of fun, but if you're eating a lot of sugar on vacation, brushing is extremely necessary. Never forget your toothbrush when traveling!

If you do run into a dental emergency, don't panic. If a wire pops out, you can always visit an orthodontist in the area you're traveling for a quick fix before you make it back to our office. 

And give us a call! We can advise you on caring for your mouth in the meantime.

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